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Grace Christian School is bringing back the Patriots-In-Action this fall as an outreach to the surrounding communities and a fundraiser for our school.  October 5th our preschool and young fives will stay on campus and pick up trash around the school property.  The elementary students will travel to various parks and churches.  The secondary students will travel with their small groups to camps, homes of elderly shut-ins, and churches to do various jobs.  These include cleaning, yard work, window washing, etc.  This event is a tremendous opportunity for our students to represent Christ as they serve our community.

To raise support, students will ask relatives and friends to sponsor them toward this fundraiser. The fundraiser will be kicked off September 21, 2016.  A packet will be sent home in September containing instructions, various forms, as well as a Support Gift Sheet that can be sent to potential supporters.

In addition to helping your child identify and contact sponsors, the most significant way that you can support the Patriots-In-Action is by example.  We invite you to come and work beside your child and other GCS students, faculty, and staff on October 9th.  As a reward for students who bring in $100 or more by the first turn-in date, September 27th, will be invited to an ice cream social on Friday, September 30th. The next turn in date is Tuesday, October 4th. We will also be having a movie, popcorn, and pop celebration in the near future for the entire student body for all their hard work they put into this Patriots-In-Action fundraiser.  Together we can grow as servant leaders within the body of Christ.

Patriots-in-Action Forms

Pledge Sheet

Support Gift Sheet

Parent Availability to Drive Form