Debbie Tarantino Bio

Art Teacher

Grace staff/faculty since 1987

AA in Art (Lake Michigan College)

Why do you teach in a Christian school?

“I started out here so I could pay my children’s tuition, but it became an opportunity to minister to the students, and to show them, through art, another beautiful way to minister to others. I love this place; it’s like a second home to me. I love working with the students and staff!”

Mrs. Tarantino spent her first 12 years at GCS as assistant librarian, before assuming the art teacher position.

Married to Tom, the Tarantinos have two children, Andy (Grace Alumni ’99; wife, Tammy) and Becky Thielmann (Grace Alumni, ’01; husband, John), and have been blessed with 5 grandchildren. They attend Freshwater Church, Coloma, where Mrs. Tarantino helps teach Kid’s Space.

Throughout her life, Mrs. Tarantino has dealt with several surgeries and medical problems. “I have had great opportunities to minister to and share the Gospel with medical staff, patients, and others. These experiences have taught me the faithfulness of God! No matter what is going on, in, or around our lives, our Father is right there with us! I've learned not to fight Him when He wants to teach or change me. I don't get it right every time, but I’m getting a little better at it!”