The philosophy of education at Grace Christian School includes the following five key pillars which support the methodology for everything we do.

  • The Supremacy of Christ. We believe that all education must start with the acknowledgement that Jesus is the unique Son of God and is Lord of all. We believe that Jesus is the head of all and that through Him all things are held together. We approach every subject and activity recognizing that Jesus Christ is the author of our faith and reason we strive for excellence.
  • The student’s need for salvation through Jesus Christ. Humankind was made in God’s image with the capacity to know and respond to God personally. God offers His free gift of salvation through his Son to everyone. We will seek to foster an environment where students are exposed to the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ and have the opportunity to respond.
  • The Primacy of the Parent-Child Relationship. The book of Deuteronomy establishes parents as the primary educators of their children. The school will seek to come along-side the parental figures in the student’s life in order to support the educational process.
  • The Commitment to a Non-Denominational Evangelical Theology. We seek to provide a solid Biblical foundation for our students that will support the ministry and goals of many evangelical churches throughout Southwest Michigan. We seek to respect the denominational beliefs of the various churches represented at our school while holding to the inerrant Word of God as our guide. We hold to an evangelical theology which believes in the necessity of regeneration by grace through faith in Christ alone.
  • Excellence in Education. The mission of Grace Christian School is to “inspire students to impact the world for Jesus Christ through an excellent educational experience from a Biblical worldview.” Our goal is to prepare our students for a lifetime of learning through challenging coursework and curriculum. We not only want our students to be successful in their vocational endeavors, but to exercise a passion for modeling Christ likeness in their everyday lives.