Class Supply List

Preschool 3 Supply List

● 2 boxes facial tissue
● 2 rolls paper towel
● 1 pkg wet wipes
● 1 box trash bags (13 gallon)
● 1 pkg Crayola washable markers (8 or 10 ct)

1 pkg of Crayola crayons

● Glue sticks – 4 ct

● 1 bottle hand sanitizer

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Preschool 4 Supply List

● 2 boxes facial tissue
● 1 roll of paper towels
● Trash bags (13 gallon)
● 1 bottle hand sanitizer
● 1 pkg wet wipes
● 1 pkg of Crayola crayons, 24-count
● 1 pkg washable Crayola markers
● 1 pkg thin Crayola markers
● 1 pkg colored pencils
● 2 pkg Play-doh (any color)
● Thin expo markers
● Gallon-sized plastic baggies

Transitional Kindergarten Supply List

School Supplies (these will be shared classroom supplies, you do not need to label them with your child’s name)
● 1 box of trash bags (tall kitchen, 13 gallon)
● 2 containers of play-doh (any color)
● 2 packages of thin markers (classic colors)
● 2 packages of thick markers (classic colors)
● 1 package of colored pencils
● 2 boxes of crayons (12 or 24 count)
● 6 glue sticks
● 2 containers of Clorox Wipes
● 3 packages of baby wipes
● 1 box of tissues
● 1 roll of paper towels
● 1 bottle of white Elmer’s glue
● 1 package of construction paper (multi-colored)
● 1 purple plastic folder with pockets
● 1 yellow plastic folder with pockets
● 1 green plastic folder with pockets
● 1 blue plastic folder with pockets
● 1 package of dry erase markers
● 1 box of sandwich-sized Ziploc bags
● 1 box of gallon-sized Ziploc bags
● 1 1-inch three ring binder

The following items are for your child ONLY and need to be labeled with his/her name:
● 1 backpack (regular sized)- needs to fit the purple plastic folder without bending
● 1 set of extra clothing in a gallon-sized Ziploc bag (include shirt, pants or shorts, socks, and underwear)
● 1 pair of inside shoes (to stay at school)
● 1 stuffed animal for rest time (needs to fit inside backpack)
● 1 small blanket and/or pillow for rest time (needs to fit inside backpack)
● 1 crib sheet to cover the mat for rest time
● A snack for each day
● A lunch pail with lunch OR calendar completed for hot lunch *Please label all personal belongings (backpack, lunch pail, blanket, pillow, stuffed
animal) with your child’s name. Many children have items that look similar. *Rest mats are provided by the school. Your child will have his/her own rest mat that will be kept in his/her own cubby.

Kindergarten Supply List (Miss Newell):

● $35 given to the office or Miss Newell for all school supplies that Miss Newell will provide

Students will need to bring (will not be provided):
● backpack (full sized, no mini backpacks)
● reusable water bottle (no spill ones, water ONLY)
● lunchbox that the student can open (if bringing a lunch)
● 1 pair of inside shoes that will stay at school all year (non-marking, students must be able to tie shoes independently if they have laces)
● 1 pair outside shoes, must be closed-toe shoes (again, laces allowed if student can tie independently, will be worn home. Boots required during winter time.)
● 1 change of clothing to be kept in backpacks Cleaning Supplies for the Classroom (please donate as much as you can):
● disinfectant wipes
● paper towel rolls
● unscented baby wipes
● unscented, drawstring 13 gallon trash bags
● disposable spoons and forks (no knives)
● quart sized ziplock bags (can be any brand)
● gallon sized ziplock bags (can be any brand)
● facial tissue boxes
● hand sanitizer (10 fl oz or larger)

1st Grade Supply List

● Bible (NIV or KJV)
● Book Bag
● Pencil Box
● Box of #2 pencils
● 2 erasers
● Box of colored pencils
● Box of washable markers
● Box of Crayons
● 2 Heavy duty folders with pockets
● 2 Glue sticks
● Package of wide-ruled paper
● Ruler (12” with English and metric units)
● Scissors (blunt tip)
● Box of tissues
● Gym shoes that do not mark gym floor
● 1 Roll of paper towels or bottle of hand sanitizer

2nd Grade Supply List

• Bible (Old/New Testament)

• 12 #2 Pencils
• 2 Erasers
• 2 Glue Sticks
• 2 Plastic Folders – 2 pocket (For Friday/Spanish)
• 2 expo Dry Erase Markers
• 1 Colored Pencils (12 ct.)
• 1 Ruler with cm. & in.

• 1 Pair of paper scissors

• 1 Box washable markers (12 ct.)
• 1 Box Crayola crayons (24 ct.)

• 1 pair of headphones
• 1 Pair outside shoes
• 1 Pair of inside shoes
• 1 Water bottle

• 3 pack of Kleenex
• Disinfectant wipes
• Hand sanitizer
• 1 Back Pack

• 1 School Box

• 1 Box of trash bags (13 gal.)
• 1 Classroom sweater
• Flashcards +-x

3rd Grade Supply List*

• Bible (NIV is easiest to use with our curriculum)
• Backpack
• Outside Shoes (these will stay at school and be used for recess)
• Headphones
• Water Bottle

• 1 package of Kleenex

• 1 package of Lysol Wipes

• 2 Erasers
• 1 box of colored pencils

• 4 boxes of crayons
• Ruler
• 2 packages of Loose Leaf Wide-Ruled paper
• Scissors

• 1 package of #2 pencils
• 1 package of glue sticks
• 1 3 Ring Binder – 1”
• 1 package of 5 Tab Dividers

• 2 Plastic Folders with Pockets
• 2 Composition Books (1 will be used for Spanish)
• Pencil Box or Zipper Bag
• Drawstring trash bags (13 gallon)

*Updated 7/24/23

4th & 5th Grade The Supply List

● A Backpack – You will want a good, strong backpack to carry things to and from school each day.
● A 1 inch 3-Ring Binder – To keep all work and notes together, and prevent pages from getting lost between classes.
● A pack of 5 Tab Page Dividers – To go inside the 3 Ring Binder
● At least 2 boxes of #2 pencils – Whether mechanical or traditional, please be sure that your student has plenty of these.
● A Bible (New International Version/NIV) – NIV is the easiest to use with our Bible curriculum.
● 1 package of Loose Leaf Filler Paper (Wide Ruled, 3 Hole Punched) – Please do NOT get spiral notebooks – loose leaf paper can be put right into their binder.
● 1 box of Colored Pencils
*Glue Stick (added 8.17.23)
*Scissors (8.17.23)

● 1 pair of Gym Shoes/Tennis Shoes/Sneakers – To wear outside for recess. Students should ONLY need one additional pair to the pair they are wearing. (There is no need for a shoe store in the bottom of their locker).

● Locker Shelf – *Strongly Encouraged* Staples has one that can hang from the top shelf and provides several layers to your locker, other stores have ones that can be set on the bottom of the locker and provide one (or more) shelves to your locker space for easier storage of your materials.
● A Zipper Pouch/Pencil Box – This will help your child keep their pencils together and unbroken – ready to use quickly.
● An extra Eraser – The erasers on the end of pencils have a tendency to disappear quickly…
● Pencil Sharpener, Hand Held with Container for Shavings – Student’s will not have access to a class sharpener. (Please do not include motorized sharpeners as they are distracting to others)

No one is being required to purchase items for our two classrooms, but we do appreciate anyone who is willing and able to contribute some of these items. We do use these throughout the year, so these donations are welcome at any point during the year.
● Disinfecting Wipes – These are frequently used in our classrooms to keep the rooms clean.
● Boxes of Facial Tissues – We go through these very quickly, especially during cold and flu season.
● Trash Bags – Both the Tall Kitchen and the 33 Gallon sizes are helpful in our rooms.
● PetSmart Gift Card – These will be used to buy food, bedding, calcium powder and other items that add up throughout the year for our classroom pet, a leopard gecko.
● Walmart or Amazon Gift Card – We have several projects throughout the year that
require clay, plaster of paris, pie tins, ect. Having cards onhand can help offset the costs.