Scholarship money is to help families pay school tuition.  This scholarship money is distributed based on financial need through our financial aid program.  For the 22-23 school year, $80,723 was applied against tuition due.  This amount is yet to be fully funded.

22-23 Scholarship Received

Security & Safety

There is tension between the words security, faith, safety, and sovereign (in the context of God). We know we are safe in the palm of the Father’s hand, and yet Jesus teaches that we are to count the cost and to beware of false prophets. We believe that nothing will come to pass except that which agrees with the sovereign will of God and yet we wear our seatbelts and lock our doors because Jesus said that we are to be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves. At Grace we have made plans for the worse and take daily actions to reduce the opportunity for harm against our students. There are things in our building we want to improve to better secure our building: Update doors, the intercom system and fire panel. We would like to add more cameras and modify the front entry door system. In time we would like to update our windows. Our school has a Crisis Committee that meets weekly to discuss continuous improvements for our safety protocol. Based on the estimates that we have received, $100,000 is needed to accomplish the updates and modifications.

$100,000 for 23-24 Security Updates

Music Room

Our Band and Choir rehearse in our cafeteria.  This requires set-up and tear down every day.  This is not the worst thing a school could deal with, but it is not the best thing for one of our school’s greatest strengths.  There are four building options to invest in our music program.

  1. Build off the high school wing.  Estimated about $500,000 for 2 30×30 classrooms and a 30×60 music room.
  2. Build a stage on the East end of the Gym with the music room behind it. Probably a similar estimate.
  3. Modify the commons area and hallways, sound proofing, and new front office and entry.
  4. Buy and install a modular building similar to the one music used before.

Luke 14:28 we cannot bear this cost alone.

Music Room