Edie Lowe

Building Aide

Mrs. Edie Lowe is a singer, musician, Louisiana girl, wife, mother of three GCS alumni, and a dog-mom to three rowdy, cuddly Labradors. She worked as a certified para-professional in the Coloma school district for 7 years, and at Lake Michigan College’s Wellness Center for 6 years, under the Physical Education and Wellness Department. Mrs. Lowe has been playing music on the side, along with her husband Rick and their son Matt on a fairly regular basis. Together, they have recorded a couple of Christian albums as well. Mrs. Lowe and her
husband attend the Hartford Church of God and also attend other churches semi-regularly to play a few worship songs. Mrs. Lowe is happy to be a part of the GCS Patriots staff and thanks God for the
opportunity to help guide and direct the students that attend Grace Christian School. 


Job Description:

Mrs. Lowe’s days consist of taking the K4-5th graders out to recess at various times, watching over the 3rd-5th grade lunch, giving the preschool teachers a lunch break, and occasionally, tutoring and substitute teaching.