Alyssa Newell


Miss Alyssa Newell is the Kindergarten teacher at Grace Christian School. She is a high school graduate of GCS having attended K-12. Miss Newell graduated from Grace Christian University and Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan with Bachelor’s degrees in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education. She always wanted to be a teacher and loves her time with the students! When she’s not teaching, Miss Newell loves reading Christian fiction, movie nights with her parents and sister, and crocheting. Her favorite Bible verse is Psalms 138:8a, “The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me.”

Job Description/Class Overview:

The kindergarten at Grace Christian School is a two-year program with Mrs. Merritt’s Transitional Kindergarten being the first year and Miss Newell’s Kindergarten being the second. The Kindergarten class uses Abeka curriculum, with daily instruction in Phonics, Mathematics, Handwriting, Science, and Social Studies. Bible lessons are taught daily and are integrated throughout the day. The class has a daily calendar time that reviews math concepts, weather and seasons, and calendar structure. The students work in group stations each day that include individualized small group instruction with the teacher. Miss Newell strives to create a fun, relaxed, and positive learning environment for the kids.