Chris Leach

Business Office

Chris Leach has been married to her husband, Guy, for 38 years. They have two children, one boy and one girl, as well as four grandchildren – three boys and one girl. Their family has been members of Watervliet Free Methodist church for over 20 years, where Mrs. Leach is currently serving as the church Bookkeeper.

Job Description:

Co-worker and friend, Sheri Bromley, sought out Mrs. Leach to join her and the staff at GCS, which she did approximately three years ago. Together, they run the business office at Grace. They are responsible for creating invoices, taking in money, paying the bills, and payroll. They have survived several rounds of battles with various versions of Quickbooks, but press on together in spite of their common dislike for the program.  Mrs. Leach has learned to practice patience in this area, but enjoys the other aspects of her time in the Business Office.