Rebekah Moore

Building Aide

Rebekah Moore is mom to five students at GCS. While studying Speech and Language Pathology and Audiology at Andrew’s University, Mrs. Moore decided to shift gears and focus on raising her children.

She and her husband, James, have a small homestead they call Moore’s Misfit Farm, where they seem to end up with all the animals that don’t fit in anywhere else. Her passion is living a Jesus centered life in the country with her family and sharing her love of all God’s creatures whenever possible. She enjoys cooking from scratch, tending her milk goats and the rest of their menagerie, teaching her kids how to live simply, and researching anything she can.

Job Description:

As a Building Aide at GCS, Mrs. Moore has opportunity to work in many areas of the school, often using skills learned in the degree program she began at Andrew’s. She frequently works with students individually, whether they’re getting caught up from being absent, need more repetition, or just need more time to complete their work. She also helps supervise students during afternoon recesses, K4-2nd grade lunch, and helps clean up the kitchen. Mrs. Moore is often called upon to sub in our elementary classrooms and enjoys doing so.

Mrs. Moore makes it her daily goal to help bring a smile to staff and students as often as possible.