Sheri Bromley

Business Office

Sheri Bromley joined our GCS team almost five years ago as a Business Office Associate. She has also learned to help facilitate a smooth flow in the front office, which can get very busy throughout the day. By the grace, wisdom and provision of God she is able to pay our bills, work in Quickbooks, (not her favorite thing), calculate tuition, make financial decisions with her team, and handle a lot of paperwork. She enjoys working with the staff and families in the area of finances. She likes to say that making it all work is like completing a Sudoku puzzle.

Job Description:

Mrs. Sheri says her favorite part of the job is her interaction with the staff, children, and parents; whether it’s by phone, hugs, encouragement, Band-Aids, rocking a sick child, taking messages, wiping a nose, working through upset stomachs, or just ensuring each individual that they are loved and heard. Her days are always hectic, never boring, and have a slight touch of crazy – which she says fits her personality! She considers her time a GCS a blessing.